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What are we researching?

ALL-YOUTH – All youth want to rule their world is a multidisciplinary research project which explores the capacities of young people (aged between 16 and 25) and the obstacles that hamper their engagement with society. We also explore the visions of youth regarding sustainable future, growth and well-being.

The project consists of five subprojects:

Subproject 1: Towards Youth Equality (Reetta Mietola and working group, University of Helsinki). Working group examines the resources and barriers to youth participation, as well as young people’s perceptions and experiences of social engagement. In the study, we emphasise the production of ethnographic information and analyse practices seeking to strengthen youth participation.

Subproject 2: From Dreams to Reality (Consortium director, Professor Päivi Honkatukia and working group, Tampere University). Working group explores young people’s perceptions of sustainable development and their visions and capacities to improve sustainable well-being in their everyday life.

Subproject 3: Digital Solutions for Digital Generation (Professor Kaisa Väänänen and working group, Tampere University). Working group explores and develops, together with young people, innovative digital models and services which promote youth active citizenship, social well-being and economic growth.

Subproject 4: Resolving Legal Obstacles (Professor Jukka Viljanen and working group, Tampere University). Working group analyses the legal obstacles which prevent youth from participating in the legislative drafting process and develops impact assessment of legislation that concerns young people.

Subproject 5: Creating Sustainable Well-Being (Consortium Deputy Director, Professor Irmeli Mustalahti and working group, University of Eastern Finland). Working group tests the solutions created with young people and in  other subprojects and study how young people can support sustainable well-being and what is their employment potential in sustainable development, for example in bioeconomy.

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